About Me

I'm an over 40 mom of 2.  I have had troubles with my weight ever since becoming a mom.  So I got certified to be a Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist, mainly to help myself, but I also found that family and friends asked for advice too.   So now I want to help anyone that needs my knowledge and expertise, to get the results that I got for myself.

You may ask yourself, is this Trainer a good fit for me.   Well keep reading.

Having trouble losing those pandemic pounds? Have you just not gotten  your body back since becoming a parent?  Does your office job keep you chained to a desk all day?  Have you recovered for an injury or illness and need your strength and figure back?  Do you desire more mobility to live a more fulfilling life?  Do you have trouble deciding what foods you should or shouldn't eat? Tired of counting calories?

You have come to the right place.  I have the solution you have been searching for all this time.

Now lets talk BIG!!  Right now, if you could be anything or do anything....anything at all...what would it be?  Think BIG!!! Use your imagination.  Now, would doing or being that BIG thing be easier if you were healthier or more fit?  I can almost guarantee it would.

This is why you are here. You have the desire.  You have the need.  I have the solution.

I will teach you how to eat smart, tone up and lose weight - and to keep that weight off for good - while still eating the foods you enjoy and not spending your time at the gym.  Nope, no gym membership required!

Many people find themselves yo-yoing through one diet fad after another, finding it hard to stay committed to a diet or gym schedule due to time and accountability.  And seeing no results.  Or they simply do not feel comfortable going to a gym with other people watching.   I have done each and every one of these personally.   And I still do not feel comfortable working out at a gym.   Especially by myself.

But I have the solution - Building the Best You.   I call it a solution rather than a program, like many other coaches out there do.  A program sounds long, difficult and boring. Plus it sounds like it has a solid stop point.  But my solution is just a beginning.  Its the key to the door....the door that opens up the world of healthier living.

With internationally recognized techniques, my solution will get you fit and losing weight, plus you still get to enjoy wonderful food and have the extra time to do the things in life that you want to do.

Plus, Building the Best You does not require you to buy ANY equipment.  That;s right!!  No bulky gym equipment cluttering up your space.  But if you have a home gym - or if you already go to a gym and need that individual guidance - I make programs that use simple body weight alone but can add any piece of equipment you use at any time.  It's that flexible!!!

Building the Best You is all about your needs and your time.  You don't have do schedule in-person sessions with me, you don't have to attend zoom calls or watch pre=recorded workout sessions, if thats not your thing.

Building the Best You can be completed ANYWHERE (even on your favorite beach or in your back yard) on any smartphone, tablet or desktop device using onf the industries top rated apps that you  will gain access to FOR FREE!!!   This app guides you through workouts, can track activity and even help you meal plan.  Plus much much more. It's super inclusive.

I always include a FREE Discovery Call to be sure we are a good fit for each other  before we get started, as well as a FREE health and fitness assessment.

My plans are generally 12 weeks in length and include full fitness and nutrition coaching.  You will have access to a private Facebook group where other members can congregate, talk things out and challenge each other to achieve their fitness goals.

12 weeks?  Why 12 weeks?  Well that the average time needed for someone to really start getting their body back into a healthy groove AND start seeing the results from all of your fantastic effort.

There are minute transformations that occur daily, of course, but are seldom noticeable. Though as the weeks pass, the truly stunning results become apparent. And the longer you continue to use it, the more your body will adjust to it's new, healthier state, becoming a super efficient human machine.

If you are sitting there thinking, this sounds great, but is it too good to be true? Then stop right there.  My solution is not just a workout plan given my some random trainer at a gym who is more concerned about sales than results.

I feel your pain. I understand your struggle.  As I mentioned, I am over 40 and a mom of 2, who spent 15+ years chained to a desk at work.  Now time to think about really getting fit or eating right.  And no energy after a day at the office with hungry kids to feed every night.

I share this pain with you. I have been through the struggles of weight gain and body pains.  I know what it's like to feel like you don't have a free moment.

My solution is your solution.  I share with you the knowledge and experience I gained sot hat you can do it too.  I have gained energy and added time to my day simply by planning my meals and eating better, and my family has benefited from it by also having appropriate portion sizes, adequate nutrients, a healthy body and outlet for their energies.  And they even learned that yoga can be fun!!  Who knew?

So, if you are ready to take your life back and Build the Best You, click the Contact button and start your journey through that door into a healthier world.