Services & Rates

Initial Fitness Assessment

30 minute Fitness Assessment

This is where we determine your current fitness level and go over any health concerns.  This may include collecting information like your height, weight, measurements and may include a short aerobic session (based on availability and circumstances).

Your individualized fitness program will then be built according to your current fitness level and your fitness goals.

Fit Gals

Fit Gals is a 12 week fitness and nutrition plan aimed at women over 30 targeting weight loss, toning up, and smart eating.  This program offers weekly planned workout sessions, via app, as well as meal planning, activity tracking, weekly check in calls, and personal advice and motivation any time you need it.

Build and Burn

Build and Burn is aimed at anyone who needs to tone up and work towards building muscle.  This is a 12 week plan that includes workouts, nutrition, weekly check ins and personalized advice when you need it most.

Get your Move Back 50+

This is a 12 week plan aimed at men and women over 50 who want to increase their mobility, eat smarter and live their best golden years.   This plan includes easy mobility workouts (that can even be done from a chair), nutrition guidance, motivation support and coaching advice any time you need it.    This plan can be used for a group fitness setting at any time (prices may vary per participant or facility) and virtual sessions can be planned out in advance if desired.

Baby Bod to Bathing Suit Bod

This plan is aimed at moms (and dads) who have a little 'baby fat' that they want to be rid of for good.  Raising kids is hard, but finding that time to work out is hard too.  A lot of your attention is about the baby (or kids) and less about you.  This 12 week plan includes simple and quick workout sessions that can be completed after you put the little ones to bed, or while waiting for them to finish dinner, or any small chunk of time you have.   Weekly workout plans, eating smart guidance, weekly check in calls and all the advice and motivation you could ever need are all provided with this plan.